2011 Workshop in Durham

Theme of meeting: Sudanese Borderlands

Dates: April 18th-20th, 2011

Location: University of Durham, UK

Organisers: Cherri Leonardi d.c.leonardi@durham.ac.uk
Chris Vaughan christopher.vaughan@durham.ac.uk

2011 Durham Final Programme

2011 Durham Final Report


Dereye Abstract

Eulenberger Abstract

James Abstract

Komney Abstract

Mburu Abstract

Moro Abstract

Rolandsen Abstract

Schomerus Abstract

Thomas Abstract

Vaughan Abstract

Vries Abstract

Zeller Abstract

Walraet Abstract

Panels and Papers:

Available here.

Individual papers were generally works in progress at the time of the science meeting. Only logged-in ABORNE members are able to access these. Others are invited to contact the authors directly or approach the science meeting organiser for contact details.